Work or rest as you chow down with the quiz and watch the Cockies in the Colosseum

Quizmaster John James Maloney has a few curveballs in his quiz questions this week.


1 What does an ergophile love – working or resting?

2 The Cockies Rugby Union team is based in which Northern Rivers town?

3 Chow mein is a popular dish from what nation’s cuisine?

4 Which classic sitcom featured the wealthy New York attorney Oliver Wendell Douglas and his wife who move to the country to become farmers?

5 Which metal has the symbol Ag and is often used in jewelry?

6 What sport is played on the ice with pucks and sticks?

7 Which ancient Greek god was known for his lightning bolts?

8 The ancient Roman structure the Colosseum is in which city?

9 Which 1980s new wave band had the hit Don’t You Want Me?

10 Which 1992 romantic thriller film starred Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner?

This meal is mein.


1 Working.

2 Kyogle.

3 China’s.

4 Green Acres.

5 Silver.

6 Ice hockey.

7 Zeus.

8 Rome.

9 The Human League.

10 The Bodyguard.

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