You could walk on a dream if you eat manchego as you cross the Rubicon with this quiz

I’m feeling a little cheesy…

Here are 10 new questions from the Quizmaster John James Maloney.


1 Which scientist developed the theory of continental drift that later underpinned the theory of plate tectonics; Alfred Nobel or Alfred Wegener?

2 Which Roman general crossed the Rubicon with his legions as part of a civil war he started the day before?

3 Complete the name of Mozart’s famous opera: The Magic ….?

4 The Gascoyne River is the longest river in which state or territory?

5 What is the meaning of the old phrase hurly-burly?

6 In Spanish cuisine what is manchego?

7 The world’s heaviest bell, the Tsar Bell is also known as Tsarsky Kolokol and weighed 201 tonnes when cast. Which Russian city is it in?

8 The remains of a criminal were reburied in Greta in Victoria on January 20, 2013 – more than 100 years after his death. Who was he?

9 Ben Kennedy from Casino is well known for what sport?

10 What is the name of the Australian electronic duo of Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore whose debut album Walking on a Dream in 2008 went double platinum and had the hits We Are the People and Walking on a Dream?

Where’s my trumpet? Photos: AI


1 Alfred Wegener.

2 Julius Caesar.

3 The Magic Flute.

4 Western Australia.

5 A loud hubbub or commotion, unruly and chaotic – as in the hurly burly of the schoolyard at playtime.

6 Cheese made from sheep milk.

7 Moscow – it has never been hung or rung and the piece that broke off it after a fire weighs more than 11 tonnes.

8 Ned Kelly.

9 Rugby League.

10 Empire of the Sun.

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