You deserve a bravery award – plaque in park honours tinnie heroes

Mayor Robert Mustow and resident Tracey Knox unveil the plaque at Broadwater. Photo: Contributed

Susanna Freymark

A plaque honouring tinnie heroes was unveiled at Broadwater yesterday, Saturday, August 5.

Tracey Knox thanked the people who saved others during the floods and spent days taking medical supplies, food and pet food to those stranded by floodwaters.

“On behalf of our community,  we thank you all for your bravery on March 1, 2022,” Tracey said in her unveiling speech.

“We believe that you all deserve a bravery award for what you did on that day – and the days after.

“We hope that this permanent memorial will let you know just how proud we are of you.

“This memorial is for you.”

The plaque is fixed to a rock in the park next to the Broadwater Community Hall.

The plaque honouring tinnie heroes.

The event was sponsored by Richmond Valley council and the mayor Robert Mustow was at the unveiling.

Tracey thanked Annette Walsh from the Broadwater Community Hall for helping liaise with council to get the project happening.

“Thank you to the Broadwater Community who took the time to sign my letter of support at the community dinner night, and also the copy that was left at the post office. We managed to get over 115 signatures,” she said.

Tracey also thanked Helen Richardson from Richmond Valley Council for helping with funding and the wording on the plaque.

This is the wording on the plaque:

This plaque is dedicated to the men and women who on the 1st of March 2022 took to the water in tinnies,  boats and jetskis to save the lives of  people, families and their pets during the catastrophic flooding event in our villages of  Broadwater, Rileys Hill, Dungarubba and Boundary Creek. 

Their selfless actions during this devastating time brought hope and comfort to many and will never be forgotten. As a community, we are grateful for their unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of our communities. Let us always remember the courageous acts of our Tinnie Heroes and honour them for their extraordinary efforts.

We thank them for their bravery on the 1st of March 2022,  and for their continued help with delivering vital food, water and medication to stranded residents until the flood had subsided.

Tracey had more thank yous at the unveiling.

“Thank you to Matthew Clarke from the parks and garden section at the council for getting the gardens looking decent and ready for the sandstone rock to be put in place.

“Thank you to Swan Bay Landscaping  for  getting the rock here and also a thank you to Cliffy Long for operating our Franna crane and putting the rock into position and doing a bit of unexpected overtime on his birthday.

Tracey thanked Brass Plaques Australia too.

“But most of all, I would like to thank the tinnie heroes who are here today, and those that couldn’t make it to the ceremony,” she said.

Watch the short film Tinnie Heroes about the flood rescues.

Craig Knox attaches the plaque to the rock.

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