Look at our new boat!

ABOVE: Testing the new rescue squad boat.

Casino Rescue Squad has a new boat.

The 4.4 metre Sniper boat built by Micro Cat Boats has a payload of about 1 tonne, turns on a dime, has 100-horsepower motor, emits minimal to zero wash and can travel in as little as 300mm of water.

The open deck allows for a multitude of different rescue options from nosing in to riverbanks or even buildings and allows for different equipment to be carried and for carrying casualties.

This boat while based in Casino can serve anywhere in the state, or even interstate, where and when needed.

The new boat can be used in flood and other in-water rescues. It can also be used to transport patients and other items such as stock feed during times of emergency.

This vessel can also be used to assist other agencies such as the RFS where a portable pump can be put on the deck and pump water from the river to fight fires.

The boat can take medical supplies or personnel to a remote area where water access might be the quickest way to get to a patient.

The boat was funded by the State Government and VRA Rescue NSW.

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