Spot the local Dolly Parton fan in new funny flick Seriously Red

ABOVE: Can you spot Casino local Josh Powell-Fussell in this scene? He was an extra in the film Seriously Red. Photo: Contributed

To say Josh Powell-Fussell is a Dolly Parton fan is an understatement.

One of Dolly’s sayings is you won’t do a whole lot if you don’t try, so my advice is dream big, dream more and realise your dreams because dreams do come true.

Josh sang with Dolly nine years ago. He met her backstage in Brisbane and together they sang Joshua.

It was of course a dream come true to meet her and cemented him as an ardent fan.

Dolly Parton singing Joshua.

Years later, Josh received a phone call from casting director Luke Howell inviting him to be an extra in an Aussie film about a Dolly Parton impersonator called Seriously Red.

“I could not say Yes quick enough,” Josh from Casino said.

The shoot was in Billinudgel and Josh played the part of a gay bear cowboy in a scene with other cowboys at a bar depicting an LGBTQIA+ pub at Tamworth.

“On the day of filming we had to be at Billinudgel where our scene was shot at 6am sharp,” Josh said.

“A park had been completely transformed into a backlot. There were celebrity’s trailers everywhere, one for Krew Boylan (lead actor), the writer and main star of the film, one for Celeste Barber (comedian) and one for the Kenny Rogers character.”

Celeste Barber on the set with Josh.

Josh said he was briefed and put into hair and makeup.

“I was bronzed, primed and ready to go to wardrobe.

“The wardrobe van was where I was kitted out in my cowboy attire and then on to set.”

The scene Josh was in started at 10am and finished at about 7pm.

“That was for just two scenes, so it goes to show you just how much work goes into making a movie,” Josh said.

“It was a long day being an extra in the film.”

Josh and the movie poster at Ballina Cinema.

Josh saw the film at Ballina Cinema a few days ago.

“It was a very proud moment to see myself on the big screen.”

Watch the Seriously Red trailer below. See if you can spot Josh. The film is playing at cinemas now.

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