WEEKEND QUIZ: 20220528: Are you a doofus? And does your horse have a name?

Quizmaster John James Maloney has 10 questions for you to answer. If you can.

1 In what local government area is Lynchs Creek?

2 Which metal was discovered in 1825 by Hans Christian Oersted?

3 What nationality was famed artist Margaret Olley?

4 Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday is a national holiday in what nation?

5 What does the Latin word tempus translate to in English?

6 Sofia is the capital of what European nation?

7 When someone is described as a doofus what are they … Clever; Stupid; Cool dude; or Happy?

8 Who had the 1972 # 1 hit A Horse with No Name?

9 What sport is played in Paris at Roland Garros?

10 What was Holden’s original product?

Answers below this photo of artist Margaret Olley painting.


1 Kyogle.

2 Aluminium.

3 Australian.

4 India.

5 Time.

6 Bulgaria.

7 Stupid.

8 America.

9 Tennis.

10 Saddlery.

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