WEEKEND QUIZ 20220725: The questions are a trill

Quizmaster John James Maloney has ten tricky questions for you.


1 E pluribus unum, Latin for Out of many, one is a motto of which nation?

2 Eccles cakes are a small round pie filled with currants and are a traditional dish of which nation?

3 What would you do if given a Sazerac?

4 What town was previously Blumbergville … Bonalbo; Ballina; Boonah; or Rappville?

5 What does the word trill mean?

6 Who had the 1988 hit Got My Mind Set on You?

7 Ben Kingsley won an Oscar in 1982 for portraying which iconic international figure?

8 What giant American cosmetic company has recently filed for bankruptcy?

9 In which sitcom did Danny Bonaduce rise to fame?

10 Sphynx, Manx and Ragdoll are breeds of which animal?

Answers below these yummy eccles cakes.


1 The United States.

2 England.

3 Drink it – if you consume alcohol – it is a cognac or whiskey cocktail originally from New Orleans.

4 Boonah.

5 A warbling sound from rapid alternation between two adjacent notes, usually a semitone or tone apart.

6 George Harrison.

7 Mahatma Gandhi.

8 Revlon.

9 The Partridge Family.

10 Cat.

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