Birdwatchers group brings relief from ‘green fatigue’

Indi Dennis holding a juvenile masked lapwing (also known as spur-winged plover).  Photo: Contributed

Susanna Freymark

Indi Dennis said she was motivated to get local birdwatchers together because the world is full of disasters at the moment.

“It’s pretty depressing. We need some nice stuff to look at,” Indi said.

A friend suggested forming a group so Indi started a Facebook group to share photos of local birdlife. Already the birders group has 86 members.

“What a positive, happy way to bring members of the community together.”

Even though Indi is  concerned about the environment she wants the Birders of Kyogle to focus on “pretty birds, not environmental woes or community conflict”.

I think people have what I call green fatigue, she said.

“There’s so much destruction of our planet going on and people are downhearted, depressed, overwhelmed.”

The idea is to share photos of birds from the region, to help people identify birds and maybe even meet up for bird watching events and picnics.

“I’ve been into wildlife for a long time. I love photographing wildlife and birds are a big part of that.”

You must be a resident of Kyogle to join the Birders of Kyogle Group on Facebook.

Indi also has a website called

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