Cattle industry is backbone of our community: Resident seeks resolution to NRLX shutdown

ABOVE: At the cattle sales at the NRLX in 2020. Photo: Susanna Freymark

Dear Editor,

I write this letter as a member of our community, deeply concerned about the ongoing standoff between the Northern Rivers Livestock Exchange (NRLX), the Richmond Valley Council (RVC), and the Casino Combined Agents. As we enter the second week of the sales suspension, the urgency to find a swift resolution has never been more critical.

Our local cattle industry is the backbone of our community, supporting livelihoods, preserving our heritage, and contributing significantly to our local economy.

However, the current impasse has placed an immense burden on our cattle farmers, who are now unable to sell their livestock or face the added financial strain of transporting their cattle to distant sales. The situation is becoming increasingly dire, demanding immediate attention and action.

Months of discussions and negotiations have unfortunately failed to yield a resolution, leaving our farmers in a state of uncertainty and financial hardship. The protracted nature of this standoff has taken a toll on the morale of our farmers and threatens the viability of our local cattle industry.

We must recognise that time is of the essence, and a swift resolution is paramount to alleviate the distress faced by our farmers and restore stability to the sector.

In this critical time, I implore all parties involved—the NRLX, RVC, and the Casino Combined Agents—to set aside personal interests and prioritise the wellbeing of our farmers and the vitality of our cattle industry.

Open lines of communication, sincere dialogue, and a willingness to find common ground are essential. It is through collaborative efforts and a shared commitment to the success of our agricultural community that we can achieve a favourable outcome.

Furthermore, I call upon community leaders, agricultural associations, and local organisations to lend their voices in advocating for a prompt resolution.

It is vital that we unite as a community, amplifying the urgency of this matter to all parties involved. By coming together, we can send a resounding message that the well-being of our farmers and the sustainability of our cattle industry are non-negotiable. Together, let us rally behind our farmers and exert pressure for a swift and equitable resolution to this prolonged standoff.

This situation is not merely an issue affecting our local farmers; it is a matter that resonates throughout our community. The ripple effects of the sales suspension are felt by businesses, families, and individuals whose livelihoods are intertwined with the success of our cattle industry. The urgency to find a resolution extends far beyond the immediate stakeholders, as it impacts the fabric of our town’s identity and economic prosperity.

In conclusion, I write this anonymous letter with a sense of urgency and deep concern for the future of our community and its vital cattle industry. The NRLX, RVC, and the Casino Combined Agents must recognise the gravity of the situation and take immediate action to break this impasse. Our farmers need immediate relief, and the livelihoods of countless individuals depend on it. Together, let us ensure that the voice of our community is heard and that swift and equitable resolution is achieved for the sake of our farmers and the resilience of our cattle industry.

Yours sincerely,

A Concerned Member of the Community has verified the letter writer’s identity as a Richmond Valley resident with no vested interest in the current situation.

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Standoff continues, so no agents and no sales at closed NRLX

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