Crews and locals fight backyard shed fire

ABOVE: A shed was on fire in Casino.

Casino Fire and Rescue rushed to a shed on fire in Cumberland St, Casino at 10.20am today, Sunday, May 21.

Firefighters could see the black, billowing black smoke on their way to the house.

When crews arrived, the shed was fully alight and spreading into a neighbour’s backyard and shed.

Residents were using garden hoses as they tried to protect the second shed.

Crews put on breathing apparatus and used three hoses to protect the second shed and attack the fire.

The fire was worst in the back of the shed where the rear walls and roof had collapsed.

Because of the possibility of further structural collapse, it was unsafe to allow firefighters to enter the building.

Iron sheets and debris were gradually removed to allow access to extinguish the remaining hotspots. Firefighters used a thermal imaging camera to search for hot spots.

Suspected asbestos was also found in the debris.

The Hazmat van from Fire and Rescue Goonellabah attended to replace used air cylinders and assist with treatment of asbestos.

Captain Greg Miller said: “This sort of incident is what Fire and Rescue has traditionally dealt with for well over 100 years, but we now have on hand some high tech tools and gear that means we are better equipped to do the work and that makes our jobs much safer.”

Casino Fire Station has several vacancies for on-call firefighters.

“If you are healthy and active and think you might have what it takes to become an on-call firefighter, we would love to talk to you,” Mr Miller said.

Find out more about becoming a firefighter.

Photos: Fire and Rescue NSW Station 253 Casino
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