COVID: There are 246 new covid cases. Is it time to stop the daily case reports?

Susanna Freymark

Every day I write a report on the covid case numbers in the Northern Rivers.

Other news outlets cover the national and state figures while I focus on the local information.

I wanted people to know what was happening in their area, so I’d rewrite the Northern NSW Health District reporting numbers and post the story online.

It was like Groundhog Day, the story was basically the same, only the numbers changed.

In the past month, hospital numbers and covid patients in ICU have been stable.

The daily case numbers are going down. Slowly.

Have we got used to the numbers? Where 200 cases sounds low. This time last year, Brisbane would shut down for only a few cases.

We are carrying on with our lives, covid is still out there and many issues remain. I am keen to continue to report on those.

I won’t be reporting on daily case numbers for Kyogle and Richmond Valley LGAs any more unless things change, as in covid cases rise dramatically or the situation changes.

Readers who are keen to know the daily numbers can go to the health district site.

I know there is a long covid road ahead, but I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the nursing staff, doctors, pharmacists, cleaners at hospitals, paramedics – all the people on the frontline of this pandemic. You are the ones who have made a difference. Thank you.

Here’s today’s numbers.

There were 246 new covid cases reported in the Northern Rivers in the past 24 hours.

Confirmed tests by LGA are:

Kyogle 4

Richmond Valley 22

Ballina 37

Byron 28

Clarence Valley 53

Lismore 27

Tweed 75

There are 43 covid patients in hospital in Northern NSW, with three of these in ICU.

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