If you’re a whiz at this quiz, you’ll zip to the last letter in zero time

Here’s your 10 from quizmaster John James Maloney, who was feeling very quizzy this week.


1 Zoology is the study of what?

2 What is the sixth letter of the Greek alphabet?

3 Starting with Z, what do we call the outer part of citrus fruit skin when used in cooking?

4 Starting with Z, what is name of the old railway at Clarence that climbs into the Blue Mountains? The same name is used for a jagged, regular pattern or stitch in sewing.

5 Starting with Z, what are the walking dead in horror films called?

6 What Irish band recorded the 2002 hit Zombie?

7 Which NSW city has a suburb Zetland?

8 What is another name – beginning with Z – for the vegetable courgette?

9 Zaire is a nation on which continent?

10 Who was originally called Gian Franco Corsi Zeffiretti but his birth certificate recorded that incorrectly?

It could be worse… they call me courgettes in some countries.


1 Animals.

2 Zeta.

3 Zest.

4 Zig Zag Railway.

5 Zombie.

6 The Cranberries.

7 Sydney.

8 Zucchini.

9 Africa.

10 Franco Zeffirelli, an Italian partisan who fought against the fascists in World War 2 then became a successful and awarded director of theatre and films, including Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

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