Just when you thought it was safe to visit your friend Gilligan, our quiz has come to maroon you

Are we trapped on Gilligan’s Island?

Quizmaster John James Maloney has 10 questions to test your knowledge.


1 Who had the 2014 hit record Uptown Funk?

2 British Alpine and Australian Cashmere are breeds of what farm animal?

3 The Datsun 120Y was one of the top selling car models in Australia during which decade?

4 Roma is a town in which state or territory?

5 The sport of table tennis originated in which country?

6 A delightful and quaint old Australian phrase is stone the flamin’ … what?

7 What were the names of the millionaire couple on the long-running sitcom Gilligan’s Island?

8 Who wrote the book War and Peace?

9 Kiwi and Nugget were popular brands of what cleaning product?

10 True or False: Ellangowan Community Hall in Richmond Valley turns 100 this year?

 The coupe version of the Datsun 120Y. Photo: Creative Commons for OSX on Wikipedia.org


1 Mark Ronson and featuring Bruno Mars.

2 Goats.

3 1970s.

4 Queensland.

5 United Kingdom – but it seems to have originated among British troops in the Indian subcontinent then been refined in England.

6 Crows.

7 Thurston Howell III and Eunice “Lovey” (Wentworth) Howell.

8 Leo Tolstoy.

9 Shoe or boot polish.

10 True. There will be a celebration on November 4.

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