ON THE MOVE: I grunt you

If you’re hearing a lot of grunting at night, it’s coming from koalas looking for a mate.

Friends of the Koala urge everyone to contain their dogs at night and be extra vigilant when driving at night.

Koalas are at their most mobile right now because they are actively searching for mates and new habitat.

As their habitat becomes smaller and more fragmented, koalas are forced to travel long distances on foot through urbanised areas where they are at risk of being struck by a car or attacked by a dog.

Vet  surgeon Jodie Wakeman said in the past three weeks they have tended to nine koalas, most of which were hit by a car or attacked by a dog. Three of these were mothers with female baby joeys.

“Although the adults unfortunately sustained fatal injuries, we have managed to save two of the joeys that are now recovering in homecare after treatment in the hospital,” Dr Wakeman said.

Admissions to the koala hospital and calls to the Rescue Hotline usually spike between July and December, she said.

Report all koala sightings: healthy, sick, injured or distressed koalas to the Friends of the Koala 24-hour Rescue Hotline on 6622 1233 or on their website.

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