PHOTOS: Firefighters tackle blazes for days and days

Bean Creek fire. Photos: Casino RFS Brigade members

Susanna Freymark

The hot, windy weather conditions have meant firefighters have battled fires with little rest in between.

The Bean Creek fire near Bonalbo has burned 118 hectares.

Two fires near Bean Creek – the Capeen Mountain fire has burned 134 hectares and 10 hectares burned at Mount William.

A fire at Afterlee has burned 31 hectares.

About 167 hectares were burned in the Upper Horseshoe Creek fire.

At Rocky River near Drake, a fire has burned 615 hectares.

These fires are not out and are at an Advice alert level.

The fire at Ellangowan.

On Monday, October 16, the alert level went to Emergency for residents near the Horseshoe Creek Road fire.

A warning was given – one we all dread – “Too late to leave”. Soon after the alert was downgraded to Watch and Act.

Fire units from Sydney have travelled north to assist local units.

Sadly, on Saturday firefighter John Holmes from the Mallanganee unit died at the fire front at Bean Creek.

Crews on the fireground.

To get an idea of how hard these RFS volunteers are working, here are the last five days with the Casino Rural Fire Brigade.

Saturday, October 14:  Casino 7 assist at the Bean Creek fire, north of Bonalbo.

Sunday, October 15: Casino 7 responds to a fire north of Kyogle at Afterlee.

Monday, October 16: Casino 1 & 7 respond to an unknown fire at Emu Park Road, Ellangowan. On arrival the crew found a grassfire threatening homes. Seven RFS units and a Fire and Rescue unit with support from Richmond Valley Council and National Parks heavy plant, stopped the spread of the fire.

On return to the station, Casino 1 was paged to Horseshoe Creek for property protection when the fire went to an Emergency Warning.

Wednesday, October 18: Casino 1 assisted FRNSW with a structure fire at Oak Avenue, Casino.

The Casino RFS unit has been fighting fires all week.

How can you help? Do not light a fire or burn until allowed. Fire permits are currently suspended until further notice.

And to really help, you too can join the RFS. Go here to find out more.

The fire at Oak Avenue on Wednesday, October 18.
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