QUIZ: Don’t make a slip as you get fresh with the stars of stage and screen from Urbenville to Siam

Hello Errol.

Here are your 10 questions from quizmaster John James Maloney.


1 A famous opera is the Barber of … Alstonville; Seville; or Urbenville?

2 What Broadway musical play and later a film was about a British governess at the court of the King of Siam.

3 What Australian-born actor of Hollywood’s Golden Age wrote an autobiography My Wicked, Wicked Ways?

4 In what state or territory is the town of Gawler?

5 What is the meaning of the dining term alfresco?

6 What do we call the kitchen on a ship, boat or aircraft?

7 In what street in Sydney is NSW Parliament House?

8 What is the main flavour of aioli?

9 Which member of the Rat Pack scored the big 1966 hit That’s Life?

10 What is the meaning of the words slipshod and shoddy?

Come sit awhile under the trees and eat doughnuts in the breeze.


1 The Barber of Seville.

2 The King and I.

3 Errol Flynn.

4 South Australia.

5 In the open air.

6 The galley.

7 Macquarie Street.

8 Garlic.

9 Frank Sinatra.

10 Anything done in a haphazard, lazy manner, carelessly made, sloppy.

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