QUIZ: Get up! Take a giant leap for mankind

Ta-dah! Quizmaster John James Maloney brings you ten tricky questions.


1 In what local government area is Bogangar?

2 In what sports is a cue used?

3 Who sang the hit song Rock Around the Clock?

4 Who famously rode a horse through the streets of Coventry naked?

5 An old well known saying was lock, stock and what?

6 A narrow part at the top of a bottle shares its name with what body part?

7 In what Australian state is Wave Rock?

8 For what do we know Robert Tudawali?

9 Who wrote the Australian literary classic For the Term of His Natural Life?

10 Who famously said That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind?

Answers below this pic of rock ‘n’ wave.


1 Tweed Shire.

2 Snooker, pool and billiards.

3 Bill Haley & His Comets

4 Lady Godiva.

5 Lock, stock and barrel.

6 Neck.

7 Western Australia.

8 He had the leading role in the 1955 Australian film Jedda, which made him the first Aboriginal film star. He was an Indigenous activist and the Tudawali Indigenous Film and Television Awards (Tudawali Awards) recognise achievements of Indigenous people in film.

9 Marcus Clarke.

10 Neil Armstrong.

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