QUIZ: Get your glad rags on, we’re hunting a zero, cube and flag

Quizmaster John James Maloney has 10 new questions for you.


1 How many sides are there on a cube?

2 Which British rock icon began his Got Back tour of Australia this week?

3 What planet is closest to the Sun?

4 The Davis Cup is played in what sport?

5 Who was the famous quotation, I came, I saw, I conquered attributed to?

6 In Australian slang, what are glad rags?

7 Which Scandinavian nations’ parliaments are called the Riksdag?

8 What colour flag is waved when a car is disqualified in Formula One car racing?

9 Mr Roarke and Tattoo were characters on what popular 1970s–1980s TV series?

10 True or False, the Roman numeral for zero is a Z?

Come closer, come closer.


1 Six sides.

2 Paul McCartney.

3 Mercury.

4 Tennis.

5 Julius Caesar.

6 Good clothes – for going out on the town to a party or dance.

7 Sweden and Finland each use the term.

8 The black flag.

9 Fantasy Island.

10 False – there is no Roman numeral for zero. And that’s a key part of the reason we use the Hindu-Arabic numeral system instead.

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