QUIZ: It’s all a game, this life, these questions

Quizmaster John James Maloney is at it again with 10 tricky questions.


1 In what sport is the Giro d’Italia contested?

2 What trumpeter and singer was nicknamed Satchmo?

Mothers often love best the child who has hurt them the most is a famous quote from what Victor Hugo novel?

4 Aisin-Gioro Puyi who lived from February 7, 1906 till October 17, 1967 was the last emperor of what country?

5 How many colours in a rainbow?

6 How many playing squares on a chessboard?

7 What shape is a stop sign?

8 What American state is called the Golden State?

9 What local government area is Old Grevillea in?

10 What is the value of the letter X in Scrabble?

Don’t let let this sign stop you. Answers below.


1 Road cycling. 

2 Louis Armstrong. 

3 The Hunchback of Notre Dame. 

4 China. 

5 Seven colours. 

6 64 squares. 

7 Octagon.

8 California.

9 Kyogle.

10 8 points.

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