QUIZ: Know your Ironbarks from the elms and oaks

Ten questions from quizmaster John James Maloney.


1 What does a cobbler do for a living?

2 What was manufactured at Coombell and Bexhill for many decades?

3 Which British pop star made the 1962 film Summer Holiday?

4 The Zanzibar Archipelago is in what ocean?

5 Barry Gomersall, the Grasshopper, was well known in what sport role?

6 What type of animal was cartoon character Speedy Gonzalez?

7 What local government area is Coombell in?

8 The world-renowned Bolshoi Ballet was founded in 1776, what city is its home?

9 What 1960s hitmakers scored the number 1 hits I’m Henry VIII, I Am and Mrs Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter.

10 First published in December 1892, was the classic Banjo Paterson poem The Man from … Cedar; Ironbark; Oak; or Elm?

Answers below this fine pair of shoes.


1 Repairs and may make shoes.

2 Bricks.

3 Cliff Richard.

4 Indian Ocean.

5 A rugby league referee.

6 A mouse.

7 Richmond Valley.

8 Moscow.

9 Herman’s Hermits.

10 The Man from Ironbark.

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