QUIZ: Let’s fly with Bob Marley, David Carradine and Elton John

Quizmaster John James Maloney has 10 quizzical questions for you.


1 In which shire is the town of Jennings?

2 Who was the Norse god of thunder?

3 Which car maker had models Golf and Polo?

4 The Great Sandy Desert is in what state or territory?

5 An old phrase meaning to achieve something by any means possible – honest or not – was “By hook …?”

6 Aeroflot is an airline of which nation?

7 David Carradine played the character Cain in what 1970s TV Western drama?

8 What does the Beaufort Scale measure?

9 Who did Elton John sing the hit duet Don’t Go Breaking My Heart with?

10 What was the name of Bob Marley’s backing band?

Come fly with me.


1 Tenterfield Shire.

2 Thor.

3 Volkswagen.

4 Western Australia.

5 By hook or by crook.

6 Russia.

7 Kung Fu.

8 Wind speed.

9 Kiki Dee.

10 The Wailers.

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