Quiz: Rack your brains as you try to iron out this week’s answers

Quizmaster John James Maloney has another 10 for ya!


1 In what local government area is Roseberry Creek?

2 In what classic British sitcom did Captain Mainwaring lead the Home Guard during World War 2?

3 Who sang the million-selling 1960 hit Big Iron: Marty Wilde or Marty Robbins?

4 What is the square root of 9?

5 The anagram of which month of the year is the name of a vegetable?

6 What is the collective noun for a group of wolves?

7 What does the French term un chapeau mean in English?

8 Complete this old Australian phrase “to go to rack and …”

9 What are beech and spruce?

10 What do we call a baby kangaroo?

As the moon rises, the wolves howl…


1 Kyogle Shire.

Dad’s Army

3 Marty Robbins.

4 The answer is 3.

5 Yam is an anagram of May.

6 A pack.

7 A hat. 

8 To go to rack and ruin.

9 Trees and the timber from them.

10 A joey.

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