QUIZ: Thistle get you thinking about stooging around Cape Horn to overcome dipsomania

Here’s your 10 questions from the Quizmaster John James Maloney.


1 What part of the body is sometimes referred to as the noggin?

2 Shoguns were military rulers from the 12th to the 19th century in what Asian nation?

3 Which inventor is credited with the quote “Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration”?

4 The thistle is an emblem of what nation?

5 Dipsomania is a craving for what?

6 What were the given names of the original Three Stooges?

7 An old and very popular song from 1876 starts off My Grandfather’s … what?

8 Margaret Houlihan was a popular character in what 1970s TV sitcom?

9 Cape Horn is on what continent?

10 Which local golf course re-opened this week after being closed since the flood?

It’s time, Grandfather.


1 Head.

2 Japan.

3 Thomas Edison.

4 Scotland.

5 Alcohol.

6 Moe, Shemp and Larry.

7 My Grandfather’s Clock.

8 M*A*S*H.

9 South America.

10 Coraki Golf Course.

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