RICHMOND VALLEY ELECTION: Deegan, Humphrys, Cornish and Morrissey are in, wait on final two

ABOVE: Meet your councillors Patrick Deegan, Steve Morrissey, Sandra Humprhys and Sam Cornish.

Susanna Freymark

The counting continues.
NSW Electoral Commission is more than two thirds through counting the votes for Richmond Valley Council elections.
Robert Mustow has been declared the mayor with more than 73% of the vote.
Patrick Deegan, Steve Morrissey, Sandra Humphrys and Sam Cornish have been declared elected as councillors.
This means there are two councillor spots left.
It is difficult to judge who will get in based purely on the number of votes because preferences and postal votes are still being worked out.
Our prediction is that Jill Lyons and Robert Hayes will be elected. This is not confirmed but what we think will be the outcome based on the current data from the NSW Electoral Commission.
This is how the voting is looking for the groups.
Group A Independent at 9.17%
Group B Independent  at 64.99%
Group C Independent at 6.08%
Group D Independent at 7.27%
Group E Labor at 11.62%
Ungrouped – Robyn Kapeen at 0.88%



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