Take care using generators-many homes without power after floods

Care must be taken when using a generator or pump with an exhaust pipe, Fire and Rescue NSW has warned.

The exhaust fumes from the engine can quickly fill a room, house or garage and render the people unconscious.

The flood has left many homes without power and residents are having to use generators.

Fire and Rescue NSW’s Roger Mentha said it was critical to avoid the use of generators and other fuel-powered equipment inside homes.

“This type of equipment is not suitable for indoor use and can lead to a build-up of colourless and odourless carbon monoxide. This can be fatal as it reduces oxygen when inside,” he said.

“Never use portable generators indoors, or in garages and sheds. They should always be used outside well away from windows, doors, vents or any other opening.”

For information on generator safety visit here.

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