Those eyes, those claws: Snapping a puggle

It’s not often you get to see an echidna up close. Not this close.

Photographer Andrea McIntosh snapped these pics of a young echidna, known as a puggle, in her front yard.

“I used a 70-300 mm lens so was able to zoom in a bit,” Andrea said.

“After he got used to me I was able to move quite close. He wasn’t worried about me at all.

“I am on the outskirts of Geneva. We often see echidnas here but it is the first time I have seen a baby. Was very special.”

Echidnas have short, strong limbs with large claws and are powerful diggers. Their claws on their hind limbs are elongated and curved backwards to aid in digging. As for those kohl-rimmed eyes and extra long lashes… they too must serve a purpose.

Andrea posted her photos to the Kyogle Photography Group Facebook page.

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