TIMBER! How will the 1930s felled hoop pine be honoured in the village?

ABOVE: The logs from the 1930s hoop pine were collected and put on a truck. Photo: Susanna Freymark

Susanna Freymark

In a village known for its 1930s hoop pines, it was a sorry sight to see one of its tallest beauties felled this morning.
The tree towered above the lavender canopy of the jacaranda nestled below its branches at the Bonalbo Tourist Park.
At 7.30am, tree lopper Dave Green started cutting the branches of the hoop pine which had to go because of rot and termites near the base of its trunk.
Kyogle Council had planned to mulch the large pine but Marion Conrow spoke to mayor Danielle Mulholland about using the timber to commemorate the tree in the community.
Artist Marion Conrow would like to create a sculpture from one of the logs to celebrate the tree. Photo: Susanna Freymark
What that commemoration will look like is up for discussion.
The long logs were transported to Marion’s house in Bonalbo while the Bonalbo Progress Association and the Men’s Shed discuss ideas on what to do with the timber.
“I’d like to make a sculpture out of one of the logs,” Marion said.
Marion moved to Bonalbo because she “fell in love with the hoop pines.”
The rows of pines dominate the village skyline and at the progress meeting the discussion will centre around how to preserve the rest of the trees and what to do with the wood of the felled tree.

Here’s a video of the tree lopper at the top of the hoop pine in Bonalbo. Video by Michael Braun.

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