Time to pick a side in this week’s quiz, but there are so many to choose from

Quiz master John James Maloney has 10 questions for you.


1 Cavanbah was the Arakwal name – meaning meeting place – for what area on the Northern Rivers?

2 How many sides does a dodecagon have?

3 The fruit Americans call a cantaloupe is called what other name in Australia: watermelon, rockmelon or johnmelon?

4 Tonto was sidekick to which Western movie and TV character?

5 The song Seventy-Six Trombones was a song from which musical, Oklahoma! or The Music Man?

6 In which of the arts would you encounter a cantata?

7 Quire is an old measurement for what stationery item?

8 How many pints in a gallon?

9 Arboreal animals live where?

10 Born to Be Wild was a hit for which band, Wolfmother or Steppenwolf?

I just need 75 more trombones and I’m sorted.


1 Byron Bay.

2 12 sides.

3 Rockmelon.

4 The Lone Ranger.

5 The Music Man.

6 Music – it’s a vocal composition with instrumental accompaniment, over a number of parts and often involving a choir.

7 Paper – it is 24 or 25 sheets of the same size.

8 Eight pints in a gallon.

9 In trees.

10 Steppenwolf.

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