WEEKEND QUIZ 20211218: How well do you know your Grinches?


1 How do you wish someone a Merry Christmas in Spanish?

2 Who wrote the 1957 book How the Grinch Stole Christmas! ?

3 What Turkish city is partly in Europe and partly in Asia?

4 Who disappeared in December 1967 while swimming at Cheviot Beach, Victoria?

5 In what local government area is Alstonville?

6 What is lapsang souchong?

7 In the hit by UK singer songwriter Chris Rea where was he driving?

8 According to a European tradition, who does the Krampus visit on December 5?

9 Who painted the famous Australian painting Bailed up, showing outlaws robbing a Cobb and Co stagecoach?

10 What does the old Australian saying You’ve got Buckley’s mean?

Answers below the video which gives you the answer to one of the questions – no peeking


1 Feliz Navidad.

2 Dr Seuss ( Theodor Geisel).

3 Istanbul.

4 Prime Minister Harold Holt.

5 Ballina.

6 A smoky flavoured black tea from China.

7 Driving Home for Christmas.

8 Children who have misbehaved.

9 Tom Roberts.

10 No chance at all.

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