WEEKEND QUIZ 20220212: Know your planets and your blankets

Quizmaster John James Maloney brings you ten questions. Here they are:

1 In what Australian state is the town of Ardlethan?

2 What seafood is used in the recipe kilpatrick?

3 Who had the hits Can the Can and Devil Gate Drive?

4 Australian manufacturer Onkaparinga is best known for what product?

5 Where did Dad, Dave, Mum and Mabel live in Steele Rudd’s stories in On Our Selection?

6 What is the meaning of the old Australian word stonkered?

7 What is a trivet used for?

8 What number is this Winter Olympic Games … 20th; 21st; 23rd; or 24th?

9 What is the nickname of the Beijing National Stadium where the opening ceremony was held for these and the 2008 Summer Olympics?

10 What is the sixth planet from the Sun?

Answers below this picture of some nimble skaters


1 NSW.

2 Oysters.

3 Suzi Quatro.

4 Blankets.

5 Snake Gully.

6 To be very tired (such as from hard work) or to be very drunk.

7 An item to sit something hot on to prevent heat damage – such as a wooden trivet to set a hot teapot on to prevent heat marks on the dining table.

8 24th Winter Olympics.

9 The Bird’s Nest.

10 Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun.

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