WEEKEND QUIZ: Life is like a box of chocolates

Quizmaster John James Maloney has 10 questions for you.


1 In what sport did Babe Ruth become famous?

2 What is an autogyro?

3 Hoi polloi is an ancient Greek phrase still occasionally used to refer to what?

4 The 475km Strzelecki Track between Innamincka and Lyndhurst is in which Australian state/territory?

5 Knobbed Russet, Beauty of Bath and Jonathan are varieties of what fruit?

6 Life is like a box of chocolates is a line from what film?

7 What is the other island that makes up the nation of Trinidad and …: Tonga; Tobago; Toledo; or Trevan?

8 Who sang the hit Gangnam Style in 2012?

9 The TV series Barney Miller that ran for 170 episodes from 1975–1982 was set in what location and revolved around what job?

10) In what local government area is the village of Blue Knob?

Answers below this picture of this whirly thingy.


1 Baseball.

2 A small aircraft with some things in common with a helicopter. An engine-driven propeller provides forward thrust and causes an unpowered rotor to turn freely and develop lift.

3 The many, the common people, the masses, everyday folk.

4 South Australia.

5 Apples.

6 Forrest Gump.

7 Tobago.

8 Psy.

9 In a New York City Police Department police station.

10 Lismore City.

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