What Olivia found on her doormat made her day

Olivia Arnett lost her purse a week ago, but the kindness of a stranger saw it retuned. Photo: Contributed

Susanna Freymark

Olivia Arnett lost her purse six days ago.

It wasn’t just a money purse though – it had everything in it.

“It had my car keys in it, all my high-risk construction licences, drivers licence, white card – everything,” Olivia said.

Olivia and her partner went out in Kyogle last Friday.

“After I went to dinner at the bottom pub, I picked it up and thought I had put it in my partner’s ute but when we returned home it wasn’t where I had left it,” Olivia said.

“I went back to the pub car park and didn’t find a thing. I honestly didn’t bother going in to speak to staff because I just felt like it would never get handed in.”

She thought maybe it fell on the ute’s foot step and searched between the pub and her home in Wyneden.

Olivia and her partner moved to Kyogle after the floods.

They rented a unit in Lismore before then.

The water went to the roof of our unit in the floods and as we were both working over here we decided to just move, she said.

Ten months later they found a place.

It was at their home that they discovered the Olivia’s purse – with everything in it – on their front doormat.

“Even the few gold coins were still in it,” Olivia said.

Whoever returned the precious purse left a note.

Good luck in your future endeavours and may you have a wonderful day.

Kindly passing it along.

“I’d just like to say to whoever you are that personally dropped off my purse at my house with every bit of the contents still in it, thank you,” Olivia said.

“I am so eternally grateful you have no idea. It feels like you have saved my life, I had so many work tickets and car keys in this. Whoever you are, thankyou again, I am forever in your debt.”

The note that was left at the doormat with Olivia’s purse.

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