You can help teen Noah whose tumour turned his world upside down

Noah had his first treatment in Germany this week. Photo: Contributed

Susanna Freymark

Ten months ago, the life of 17 year old Noah Diehl from Green Pigeon near Kyogle was turned upside down.

Noah was diagnosed with medulloblastoma – he had a stage 4 brain tumour.

His mother Manuela Winkler said Noah had surgery to remove the tumour “but they couldn’t remove all of it”.

Four days after the surgery, Noah developed posterior fossa syndrome and this is severely affecting his speech, balance and motor skills.

“Before his brain surgery he was a normal teen,” Manuela said.

“He enjoyed surfing and going to the beach. He had a job on a dairy farm and started to learn to drive.”

As a result of the syndrome, Noah is not able to walk and his speech is very slow. He is now completely dependent on his family and his recovery is significantly slowed, Manuela said.

In July this year, Noah had another emergency surgery and was flown by helicopter to Brisbane. His brain could not drain fluid so this required more brain surgery to insert a shunt.

Noah is undergoing rehab to regain his motor skills and speech. He continues to make small improvements each day and needs intensive physical, occupational and speech therapy with the hope that he will one day make his way to his former self, Manuela said.

The family is in Germany at the moment where Noah is having his first hyperthermia treatment after six weeks of radiation therapy.

Hyperthermia is a medical treatment where body tissue is exposed to temperatures above body temperature – to 40-45C – in an effort to beat the cancer.

Manuela has set up an online fundraising campaign for Noah’s overseas treatment.

“We are not ones to normally ask for help, but we are in a desperate time of need,” she said.

The fundraiser has a target of $50,000.

“We are now asking for help from the community to please dig deep so we can raise funds for him to be able to continue this lifesaving treatment,” Manuela said.

“We are beyond grateful, for all of the love, support and prayers that we have received and continue to receive from friends and the community.”

Can you help Noah? Every little bit it helps. Go here to the fundraiser.

Can you donate to the fundraiser for Noah?

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