Chickens and cat survive Coraki floods, Bob’s NSW Blues cap didn’t

ABOVE: Linda’s chickens survived the flood in Coraki. Photos: Linda Barney-Dowdall

Susanna Freymark

As floodwaters rose in Coraki, Linda Barney-Dowdall and husband Bob Dowdall made it out of their home with only the clothes they were wearing on Tuesday, March 1.

Linda didn’t have time to gather the cat, her beloved chickens or anything else.

As the Richmond River burst its banks and Coraki residents were told to evacuate, the couple like many others headed to the evacuation centre.

Linda and Bob Dowdall from Coraki.

Yesterday, Linda went back to the house accompanied by the local police sergeant who made sure she was okay.

The chickens and cat survived. The chickens managed to perch on a high cupboard in the house.

“I fed the chickens and the cat. Devastated to lose everything,” Linda said.

Their home is a wreck.

And Bob’s favourite NSW Blues Origin cap is ruined, Linda said.

We lost everything, in my husband’s walker including his precious Origin Cap. Not sure I can clean it properly, Linda said.

Bob’s NSW Blues Origin cap is ruined.

The Richmond River at Coraki peaked at 7.65 metres at 3am on Tuesday, March 1 and is currently near 6.90 metres and falling slowly.

Bob and Linda are pensioners and didn’t have home insurance.

Bob’s daughter Bronwyn who is in Ballina and dealing with floods herself set up a GoFundMe fundraiser with a target of $5000 to help the couple.

To donate to a local charity, go to Our Two Hands Facebook page where they are listing what is needed in the flood recovery situation as it needed. You can also donate directly to the charity. Details on their Facebook page.

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