Covid is defined by numbers: graphs show how Kyogle and Richmond Valley are tracking

ABOVE: The number of cases in Richmond Valley and Kyogle LGAs since January 1 this year. Photos: Susanna Freymark

Susanna Freymark

Everyday NSW Health releases a report of new covid cases, the numbers in hospital, in ICU, those on ventilation, the number of vaccinations – the first one, the second one, the booster — how many children are vaccinated and so on.

It is a lot of numbers.

The health authorities and State Government are saying the number of new cases each day are not as important as the number of people needing hospital care because they have covid.

The pattern of the case numbers though tells a story over time.

Take 2022. We’re only 18 days in.

Cases in the Northern Rivers have been up and down peaking at 1027 on January 9.

The lowest has been 306 on January 1.

The good news for Kyogle and Richmond Valley LGAs is the numbers remain low compared to other daily case numbers in the region. Kyogle has the lowest number of all LGAs in the Northern Rivers.

Richmond Valley hit a peak of 78 new cases on January 8 and for Kyogle it was on January 16 when they had 28 new covid cases in one day.

Our numbers are low. Our hospital cases remain low, especially compared to Sydney.

And if we look at the pattern, the numbers go up and down. There is no dangerous trend upwards. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Stay safe out there, everyone. And covid – with your friends Delta and Omicron, we’ve had enough of you.

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