Kyogle Rd open: Crane brought in to clear road blocked by truck, excavator

ABOVE: At 4.22pm, the crane was ready to lift the trailer. Photo: Contributed
Susanna Freymark

Kyogle Road at Cawongla Range was closed overnight because a truck transporting an excavator slipped off the edge of the road, blocking traffic.

The notorious winding road, 1km west of Cawongla village is expected to open at 6.30pm, Wednesday, September 14, Kyogle Council said.

Contractors were at the site at 7.30am and had to remove trees to give access for a crane which was ready to lift the trailer back onto the road at 4.22pm.

Access is expected to be restored at 6.30pm.

School bus operators were notified.

The truck and its excavator load blocking Kyogle Rd. Photo: Contributed

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