Drum roll – it’s the Nolls at the racecourse

ABOVE: Blake, Damian, Shannon, Adam and Brady Noll at Tabulam. Photos: Susanna Freymark

Five Noll family members performed on the back of an old army truck at a free concert at Tabulam Racecourse today, Saturday, June 10.

The most famous of the family, Shannon Noll, came second in Australian Idol in 2003 and went on to get a record deal.

A State Government grant of $42,000 at the end of covid lockdowns was an opportunity to bring several concerts to the west of the range villages – Bonalbo, Tabulam and Mallanganee. Today was Tabulam’s turn.

Shannon’s family live in Richmond Valley and he was asked to perform at the free concert in Tabulam.

The concert was an opportunity for Shannon’s son Blake Noll to play his first set live.

Shannon’s two brothers and nephew performed on stage too.

Lions Club member Steve Symonds said they’d only managed to find a truck the morning of the concert.

Luckily Karl from Bonalbo Pub knew a man who had a truck. The old army truck was collected from Plains Station Rd and set up, just in time for the Noll family.

Shannon Noll and his brother Damian Noll sing.
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