Evans Head surfer rides wave for near perfect score at Hawaii comp

A screenshot of a WSL video of Callum Robson riding his winning wave in Hawaii on January 31.

Susanna Freymark

Surfer Callum Robson has done it again.

At the World Surf League Series Lexus Pipe Pro in Hawaii, Robson scored 9 points in his heat yesterday, Wednesday, January 31.

The 23 year old Evans Head surfer described what the winning wave at Oahu was like.

“It went up and over and it spat, and I said – ‘please, please, please’ – and it dropped me back down.

“I was stoked when I heard a 9.”

It’s been four months since Robson’s last competition.

“I do as much as I can to prepare but living on the east coast of Australia I don’t get waves like pipeline,” he said.

“I was nervous coming in today.”

The surf event runs January 29–February 10.

Robson is ranked #21 on the WSL site – but that could easily change the way he is surfing.

Evans Head will be watching closely to see their local boy make good.

Watch the WSL video of Callum Robson.

Robson is interviewed after the first heat.
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