Flood of free paint arrives to repair 100 homes

Rebecca Higginson, Lyndall Murray, Malachi Abbott and Kerrie Mann, in front, are thrilled with the delivery of 3720 tins of paint to Woodburn. Photo: Susanna Freymark

Susanna Freymark

Early this morning, a truckload of paint from Sydney was delivered to the McGeary Shed at Woodburn.

And it is free — all 3720 tins of house paint were donated by Taubmans — enough to paint 100 homes.

Hands and Hearts Project organiser Lyndall Murray was thrilled.

She launched the project to repair flood damaged houses out of frustration with the government’s lack of action.

“We have completed 21 homes in 10 days,” Lyndall said.

The plan was to repair 100 homes but Lyndall said the group is prepared to do as many homes as they can that register.

“Fifty-three are in progress and we are triaging the remaining ones,” she said.

The project needs donations of money and more tradies.

Every second weekend they blitz homes with help from Convoy of Hope and Aussies for Aussies.

Woodburn and Broadwater communities continue to rebuild and this community-led project is one of the ways forward.

Many residents received phone calls last month from Service NSW on behalf of the Northern Rivers Flood Corporation informing them they weren’t eligible for a buyback, house-raising or retrofit.

We’re doing it ourselves, Lyndall said.

“All sides of government have failed to give us what we need most — a warm, safe home.

“We’re all volunteers with other jobs. I’m motivated to keep going because we are the last line of defence.”

One of those volunteers is Kerrie Mann. She was in Woodburn during the March flood last year. She moved to Coraki and rents a cabin.

She doesn’t have much, she said.

What keeps her going is giving people hope and seeing them smile.

She knows of a family with three children who are still living in a tent at Coraki.

Helping with the paint delivery was Rebecca Higginson. She is the business development manager for independent hardware stores.

The free paint came about through Brent Walker who has a paint store at Pottsville and he contacted Rebecca.

Brent helped during and after the floods, Lyndall said.

When he heard about the Hands and Hearts Project, he immediately wanted to help, she said.

And that is what this community-led project is all about — helping each other rebuild homes and lives.

If you can help at the working bees or could donate money or your skills, contact Lyndall through the Hands and Hearts Project website.

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