GLITCH: How to access your local news, give this info to anyone having an issue

For several days between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve, visitors to had ominous messages popping up in their browsers that suggested the site was not trustworthy.

There was no danger and no risk to you or to anyone else.

The website remained trustworthy, safe and secure.

But your browser was being cautious – and that’s a good thing. Better to have a browser stopping you going to a site that it can’t verify as being safe.

Throughout it all, our website was safe to use, but when the webhosting service rolled to a renewed security certificate that tells the browser all is well, the webhost made a mistake and we were thrown into chaos.

If  someone you know is still having trouble getting the site to display correctly, they can refresh their browser’s version of the page (Ctrl-Shift-R on desktop). In Android and iOS browsers on phones and tablets you will need to use the menu to refresh.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, this may:

Type http:// into the address bar of your browser (not into the search engine) and then type and press Enter and that may skirt the issue and allow your browser to find the site. And with a bit of luck, there should be no more hiccups…

Susanna Freymark

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