In just one day, Laurie’s community raises enough money for his operation to beat cancer

ABOVE: Laurie and Carolyn Bean at the auction at the Bonalbo Bowling Club. Photos: Susanna Freymark

Susanna Freymark

Laurie Bean cried when he found out how much money was raised at the Bonalbo Bowlo today, February 19.

There was a raffle with excellent lamb as a prize. There was the sausage sizzle – five bucks for all you could eat. There were games of bowls and then there was the auction of four young men.

Oscar Ballintyne, Wayne Ruskin, Josh Ward and Ben Cooper gave two hours of their time for the auction.

All this activity was to raise money for an operation on Laurie’s voice box. It is his fourth time fighting cancer and the community have rallied around him.

Laurie needed $7,970 and in one day, the people of Bonalbo raised $7,500.

There is a crowdfunder as well, with another $170 donated.

Laurie said he and his wife Carolyn couldn’t believe how much money was raised and they wanted to express their “heartfelt gratitude” to everyone.

Here’s the original story.

MAKE A BID: Four young men up for auction

Laurie’s neighbour, Tom Cooper was the auctioneer at the bowlo. There were telescopes, tools, saws, crystal glasses, car parts, old logging photos, a box of lettuces, an electric guitar and four young men who were each offering two hours of their time.

Oscar Ballintyne was sold for $115 to Di Harris who wants him to build a new roof on the chookhouse.

Josh Ward was sold to Vicky Cooper for $100.

Wayne Ruskin is a concreter and Rebecca Clement made a successful bid of $140 for two hours of Wayne’s time.

Michael Ingles bid $100 for Ben Cooper, hoping Ben will give him some body building lessons.

There was a lot of teasing and laughing — and a lot of money was raised.

Laurie and Carolyn are going to buy a bottle of champagne and celebrate how much their community has done for them. Then Laurie will have his throat operation on February 22.

Now though, he can enjoy the glow the generosity of his community has given him.

Here are some photos from the day.

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