It will be a true Joyflight when the ashes of an Evans Head veteran come home for her final landing

Joy Sivertsen in Evans Head. Photo: Halden Boyd

Susanna Freymark

The ashes of Dorothy Joyce “Joy” Sivertsen will be released from a plane over the Evans Head Memorial Aerodrome this Saturday, July 15 at 11am.

Joy died aged 98 and this farewell is what she wanted.

She was patron of the Evans Head Living Museum.

Museum vice president Lillian Colless said even though Joy didn’t live in Evans Head, she considered it her home.

Her final years were spent in a nursing home at Tweed.

Evans Head was always special to Joy because she served there in the Women’s Royal Australian Air Force during World War II.

“She looked after the officer’s mess,” Lillian said.

Photo: Australian War Memorial

When an American plane crashed there during the war, the plane crew were at the Evans Head Aerodrome for eight months.

In that time Joy cooked for the men.

“She was a very good cook,” Lillian said.

“She could cook anything and she loved cake.”

After the plane was repaired, the crew took Joy for a flight. Joy often talked about that day and that flight.

Joy grew up in Canberra and never lived in Evans Head but always came back for reunions, Anzac Day, Armistice Day and Remembrance Day in Evans.

“She called Evans Head home,” Lillian said.

Joy cutting the Evans Head Living Museum cake with Lillian Colless standing behind her. Photo: Halden Boyd

Every year there were reunions. In 2009 the reunion was where all the buildings from the aerodrome had been relocated to – Camp Koinonia.

“We had dinner in the officers’ mess, which was the dining room at Koinonia, Lillian said.

At that 70th anniversary reunion, Lillian said Joy grabbed a broom and walked up and down next to the tables singing Sadie the Cleaning Lady.

During the war, 6000 people were trained at the Evans Head Aerodrome, Lillian said.

Joy’s funeral is this Thursday at Tweed Heads.

The release of Joy’s ashes will be part of a commemoration of her life and everyone is invited to see her in the skies again and coming home to Evans Head.

Just come through the main entrance to the aerodrome.

The funeral on Thursday, July 15 will be livestreamed here.

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