ON TV TONIGHT: Fake meat story filmed in Casino is on The Project

Susanna Freymark

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Dale Paget and Pete Rogers filmed a segment for Channel 10’s The Project screened on television on November 14.
“We wanted to see what people on the front line of the meat industry thought,” Dale said.
They were filming at the Casino Lions Farmers Market in Crawford Square and were cooking the plant-based sausages and fake bacon at the Casino Rotary Club stall.
Rotary members Narelle and John Oomen did a taste test.
Not bad, John said as he chewed the veggie sausage.

Unfortunately, the taste of the fake bacon was compared to eating an egg carton.

The segment for The Project will focus on the controversy around the naming of  meat substitutes.
There is a Senate inquiry into the naming of plant-based food, Dale said.
The questions being asked are – is it deceiving customers to use the words pork and beef in bigger letters on labelling with the word fake much smaller?

The meat industry say customers are confused,” Dale said.

CSIRO were behind the plant-based sausages on offer at the Rotary barbecue.
My verdict? The vegie sausages were overloaded with herbs. The texture was good, but I didn’t get that lip smacking taste you get with a good meat sausage.
Camerman Pete Rogers, reporter Dale Paget and John Oomen cooking the fake meat sausages and being filmed for The Project. Photo: Susanna Freymark

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