WEEKEND QUIZ 2021-10-16: Ten questions to exercise your brain

The Weekend Quiz by John James Maloney


1. Who laid down his cloak so Queen Elizabeth I could cross a puddle?

2. Which tsar of Russia was nicknamed the Terrible – Ian; Ivan; Nicholas 1; Peter 3rd?

3. In what local government area is Bolivia?

4. What decade of the 20th Century had the nickname the Roaring …?

5. What old saying do the three wise monkeys represent?

6. What “royal” title was used by jazz music great Nat Cole – Earl. Count. Duke. King?

7. What are the long slender boats used in the canals of Venice called?

8. How many days in a leap year?

9. A notable day is sometimes described as a what coloured letter day?

10. What is the 19th hole in golf?

Answers below the picture.


ANSWERS. 1 Sir Walter Raleigh. 2 Ivan. 3 Tenterfield. 4 The Roaring Twenties – the 1920s. 5 Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. 6 King. 7 Gondolas. 8 366. 9 A red letter day. 10 The bar at the clubhouse.


Weekend Quiz 2021-10-09 Ten questions, how many can you get right?


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