QUIZ: Feeling flat because someone put a hex on you? Well, knock me over with a feather

Here’s 10 new questions from Quizmaster John James Maloney.


1 Pozidriv, Hex, Flat and Phillips are all variants of what tool found in most homes and workshops?

2 AstraZeneca covid vaccine was developed at which UK university?

3 Which legendary jockey retired this week after a 35 year career racking up 3189 winners, including 129 in Group One races – the Australian record for the number of Group One wins?

4 Broken Hill-based Pro Hart was well known for his work as what?

5 In which territory or state is Upper Mongogarie?

6 What was Smokey Robinson’s band called?

7 O Tannenbaum was published in Germany in 1824 and based on a 16th Century Silesian folk tune. It is a classic Christmas carol. What is the name of the English version?

8 What is the meaning of the old phrase, you could have knocked me over with a feather?

9 The John Sebastian number 1 hit song from 1976, Welcome Back, was the theme to what popular 1970s TV series?

10 What was made by the companies Cyclops and Malvern Star that often came as Christmas gifts “back in the good old days”?

Yes, it’s time.


1. Screwdrivers.

2 Oxford.

3 Damien Oliver.

4 He was a very prolific painter with a unique style.

5 It’s on Mongogarie Creek about 12km west-southwest of the village of Shannon Brook, and near Casino, NSW.

6 The Miracles.

7 O Christmas Tree.

8 It showed how surprised you were when you heard some news out of the blue or something very unexpected happened.

9 Welcome Back, Kotter.

10 Bicycles.

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