QUIZ: Flying high above the moisture on your lawn

ABOVE: Nancy Bird in a Gypsy Moth at Kingsford Smith Flying School, Sydney, 1933.

Quizmaster John James Maloney brings you a fresh set of 10 questions.


1 What is the nickname of the Australian men’s basketball team?

2 What food has varieties penne and fettuccini?

3 Ontario is a province of what country?

4 What colour is the gemstone aquamarine?

5 Big Bell, Broad Arrow and Gwalia are old gold mining towns in what state?

6 What are two bands associated with Jeff Fatt from Casino?

7 What is the name of the moisture that condenses on the lawn in the cool hours?

8 What do Americans call tomato sauce?

9 What is the name for the protective eye wear worn by aviators of days gone by and currently by swimmers and tradespeople?

10 Who had the 1978 million seller number 1 hit Night Fever?

Do these twirls look good on me?


1 Australian Boomers.

2 Pasta.

3 Canada.

4 Pale blue to light green.

5 Western Australia.

6 The Cockroaches and The Wiggles.

7 Dew.

8 Ketchup.

9 Goggles.

10 The Bee Gees.

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