QUIZ: If Galileo turned the tables on a mercer, could he be spelunking?

The Quizmaster John James Maloney has 10 new questions for you.


1 Which saint’s feast day is on Boxing Day?

2 What was the surname of the scientist Galileo?

3 What does the old phrase to turn the tables mean?

4 Which Northern Rivers town’s main street is Prince Street?

5 In which game are the terms castling and en passant used?

6 Stuart Leslie Goddard is better known as a pop singer and by what name?

7 What was the occupation of a mercer?

8 Who wrote the lyrics to the 1970 hit song The Boxer?

9 How many pounds in a stone?

10 What is spelunking?

This is not a spelunker.


1 St Stephen (mentioned in the English Christmas carol Good King Wenceslas: Good King Wenceslas looked out on the feast of Stephen …)

2 Galilei.

3 To suddenly or surprisingly reverse the situation or conditions completely.

4 Grafton.

5 Chess.

6 Adam Ant.

7 A dealer or trader of textile goods, especially imported textiles such as silk.

8 Paul Simon.

9 14.

10 Caving – more commonly called spelunking in America and Canada and potholing in Britain – is the recreational exploring of wild cave systems.

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