QUIZ: None but the brave will dare board this ship

Quizmaster John James Maloney has 10 new question for your weekly quiz.


1 Who sang the hit song Help is on Its Way?

2 Complete the old proverb None but the brave …

3 Where would you find a Jolly Roger flying?

4 What does the French phrase tres bien mean?

5 What NSW country town beginning with C has a wattle tree named for it?

6 What is an osprey?

7 Justin Welby visited our region last week, what is his job?

8 A Patrick White novel is The Tree …?

9 What are the straddle, fosbury flop and the western roll?

10 The Asian pot-bellied is a breed of what animal?

Gotcha! Breakfast takeaway.


1 Little River Band.

2 None but the brave deserve the fair.

3 On a pirate ship or at a pirates’ lair.

4 Very good or very well.

5 Cootamundra wattle.

6 A bird of prey often near the ocean.

7 Archbishop of Canterbury – of the Anglican church.

8 The Tree of Man.

9 Ways of performing a high jump.

10 Pig.

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