QUIZ: You can’t hold it in forever


1 In what sport is a pommel horse used?
2 What alcoholic beverage name comes from the Slavic word for water?
3 The musical Jersey Boys is about which band?
4 Which Australian band had the 1978 hit Who Listens to the Radio?
5 The German word gesundheit means health and is often said when what happens?
6 What word beginning with A is a name for a tree surgeon?
7 Which saint is celebrated by Irish people worldwide on March 17?
8 In what state is Mudgegonga?
9 Who said the famous quote Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you
can do for your country?
10 In what country is the global investment bank Credit Suisse based?

This horse needs no hay.

1 Gymnastics.
2 Vodka.
3 The Four Seasons.
4 The Sports.
5 When someone sneezes.
6 Arborist.
7 St Patrick.
8 Victoria.
9 John F. Kennedy.
10 Switzerland.

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