Rescue squad rush to dog and cat stuck in pipe

Rescuers at work saving the animals. Photo: Casino Rescue Squad

Casino Rescue Squad was called to rescue a dog and cat trapped in a drainage pipe at Fairy Hill today, Tuesday, August 29.

When the crew arrived at 5.15pm, crew members dug down to the pipe where the animals were and they came across a concrete pipe wrapped in steel.

The drainage pipe.

Before cutting into the pipe, the crew tried another way to get the dog and cat out.

They used a long length of polypipe and fed it in from one side to free the animals.

The rescue attempt continues.

The dog came out and was uninjured.

The cat was seen by the crew but hadn’t moved at all. They believed the cat had died.

North Casino Rural Fire Brigade-Fairy Hill used a hose to flush the cat out the other end.

The owners were able to take the cat home to bury it and say goodbye.

Consider joining Casino Rescue Squad – VRA Rescue NSW.

The dog made it.
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